About Us

The Modern Irish History Seminar is a research seminar of the History Faculty of the University of Cambridge. It provides a forum to explore new perspectives in Irish history since 1800 and offers advanced training for graduate students, who are fully involved in planning its events and chairing sessions. The students are also encouraged to hold joint annual conferences with Irish historians from other major universities, including Edinburgh and Oxford.

Striving to go beyond traditional political polarisations, Irish history at Cambridge is inclusive in terms of methods, concepts and approaches and aware of the wider European and trans-oceanic contexts within which Irish history must be assessed. The Seminar is methodologically eclectic and open to cognate disciplines (including geography, sociology, demographics and economics). It does not aim to produce ‘a school’, except in the sense that it is a collective and pluralist endeavor, which encourages diversity and original thinking. New ideas are explored and tested also by means of conferences, including annual graduate colloquia on specific methodological and conceptual issues (such as ‘Sectarianism’ in 2014) and major international events, such as ‘The 1916 Easter Rising in a global perspective. The “revolution that succeeded”?’ (Churchill College, Cambridge, 3-5 March 2016 https://global1916.wordpress.com/).

The Seminar meets ten times each year and is generously sponsored by the Trevelyan Fund of the History Faculty, the Embassy of Ireland in London and private benefactors.